30 Years of Amiga: It’s time to celebrate!

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30 years ago, at the Lincoln Centre in New York, an incredible new computer system burst onto the world stage.  Sporting  incredible audio and graphical prowess, it put the rest of the computing world to shame.  It would later become rightfully recognised as the world’s first multimedia computer system.

People would go on to create amazing technological masterpieces with the Amiga. It would help power the NASA space program, and produce dazzling CGI for a number of successful television shows.  An entire community, with it’s own unique subculture and history, grew up around the Amiga platform; a community whose intense loyalty would be enough to make any industry executive blush.

30 years on, it’s time for us all to come together… to remember and to celebrate all that we have achieved together as a community.

So come join us this August at the Peterborough Marriott Hotel, for a very special celebration of all things Amiga, alongside many of the key figures who made it all possible!




Throughout the platform’s long life, Amiga users have looked to local user groups… for support, advice, friendship and a sense of community.  User groups have played a hugely significant role in the Amiga’s history and development. From that fateful day in 1985 when the very first Amiga rolled off the production line, through the hey days of the Amiga’ success and the dark days of Commodore’s liquidation, and even beyond, local users groups have been THE place Amiga users turn to, in order to share their hobby with others, get technical support and advice, interact with fellow travellers, and forge long-term friendships.

It’s largely because of user groups that there still IS an active Amiga community out there – and long after Amiga30UK is over, it’ll be up to the user groups to continue to fan the flames of the platform and keep that unquenchable spirit alive and strong.

But for something as significant the Amiga’s 30th Anniversary, we feel it’s important for us all to reach out in the best Amiga spirit, cooperate with other groups, and try to bring everyone together for one big celebration.  We’d like Amiga30UK to be an event that brings together people from all over the country — from all user groups and none —  so we can celebrate as one united community, together.

So, in that spirit, we’re launching a very special package in honour of the user groups.  We bring to you the…

10 x Entrance Tickets (for your group members), worth £175.
10 x Copies of Amiga Forever Plus Edition, worth £200.
1 x FREE, exclusive, half-day use of a Conference Room – on us! – worth £75.



What you use your complimentary conference room for us is up to you, but we thought you might like to schedule your group’s August meeting to coincide with Amiga30UK – then hold it on-site, alongside the event.  All we do ask is that you bring at least 5 Amigas along with you, and make full use of the facility.

Don’t have 10 members willing to come? No problem.  We can still do you a group rate and you can still enjoy a free conference room.  Simply take the figure £175 and subject £7.50 for every member you’re short; £160.00 for 8, £145.00 for 6, etc.  That will be your group rate.  Note that if your group is 6 in number or less, or you are bringing less than 5 Amigas, we may combine your group with another to more efficiently use the space.

NB. If some of your members want to upgrade their ticket to include the banquet session – including RJ Mical’s banquet address and Jon Hare’s video game band live musical performance – that’s fine, it’s just £30 each.

We hope to see your user group represented at Amiga30UK.  Drop us an email at event@amiga30.co.uk if you have any questions.

NEW: ‘Basic’ Ticket and ‘Exclusive Saturday Dinner’ Options!

Want to come but can’t quite stretch to paying £17.50 for the privilege? We’ve got the perfect package for you: our Basic Ticket Option includes full access to 6pm (including our exclusive Viva Amiga preview and David Pleasance’s keynote address/Q&A session), for just £11.25.  This package excludes Amiga Forever, which requires purchainsg the Half Day Package for £17.50.  A bargain, considering Amiga Forever itself retails for £20!

We also have a new high-end option for hardcore Amiga diehards.  Did you miss out on the ‘All Day With RJ Mical’ option? We offered five tickets at £100 and they were all snapped up.  Well, now we’re offering something just as sweet.  It’s even a little cheaper, though it’s taking place the night before, so you’ll need to stop with us overnight.

The new Exclusive Saturday Night VIP package offers you an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dine with:

RJ Mical
David Pleasance
Trevor Dickinson
Bjorn Lynne

…plus other Amiga VIPs (TBC) and the Amiga30UK organising committee, at one of the finest Indian/Asian restaurants in the area.

This ticket is for sale at £90, and includes the meal itself and 2-3 rounds of drinks.  Ask David the questions he can’t answer on camera; learn about some really juicy gossip; talk to RJ about what it was like at Amiga, at Commodore, and what he’s been up to since.  This is your chance to spend an evening with legends and it’s unlikely to be option you’ll be presented with again.  Don’t miss out – grab this opportunity whilst it exists!


Twitter Fun!

Twitter Fun & Games

We all love games… so let’s play one!

This is a game to promote the upcoming Amiga 30th Anniversary Event, being held in the UK’s prestigious Peterborough Marriott Hotel on 2 August 2015.  Amiga luminaries such as the legendary RJ Mical, the infamous David Pleasance, the larger-than-life Kelly Sumner, and gaming legends Jon Hare, Mev Dinc, Allister Brimble, and others will be gathering to celebrate thirty years of this amazing machine and it’s impact upon us all.  [READ MORE AT WWW.AMIGA30.CO.UK]

Like any good game, this one involves a challenge, contains rewards, and the difficulty increases the more you play.  The rules are straightforward, and so are the rewards.


The Rules

1) To win, you must take part.  Everyone who takes part will qualify for the reward at the end!

2) Taking part is simple: you simply have to ‘share’ the relevant Twitter post before close-of-play.

3) You must share the relevant post ONCE and ONCE only.  Double-sharing may disqualify you from receiving the reward.

4) To help get the share count up and increase your rewards, you can promote the game on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and encourage your friends to re-share the Twitter post, too!

5) The more shares before close-of-play, the greater the reward will be!

6) Close of play is Sunday, 31 May 2015, at 23:59.


The Rewards

The reward will be based on the number of unique ‘shares’ on Twitter.  We will offer the option to all those taking part, to buy specially-discounted tickets to Amiga30UK for a limited time.   The more unique shares we receive in the next week, the greater the discount will be! (Please note: only a limited number of VIP banquet spaces are available, but plenty of half-day places remain.  Sharing can help others, in any case, and we appreciate any and all efforts to promote the event as any extra revenue will help make it the event the best possible experience for everyone.)

Please note the discount applies only to newly-issued tickets, purchased at the close of the game.

1-4 shares:  

Game over; you lost.  No discount for you! Perhaps we’ll give you another shot in a week or two.

5-9 shares: 

Well, you almost made it to the end of the first level.  Then you jumped into a pit of spikes; that wasn’t very clever.  A mediocre effort at best.  Still, you tried, so we’ll throw you a bone (2% discount)

10+ shares: 

You made it easily through the first level, but then struggled through the second.  Then you died.  (5% discount.)

20+ shares:

Well, you tried your best, and cleared a number of levels.  Your co-op partner was useless, however, and kept getting you killed. So 10% for you, nothing for them.

30+ shares:

Kudos! You made some real progress, you made it to the end of the first world, but now it’s getting harder to progress. (You’re up to 12%)

40+ shares: 

You made brisk time through the first world, defeated the end level boss, but then it all went wrong in world two.  (We’ll call it 13%)

50+ shares: 

The first, second and third world bosses have now been reduced to a mushy, gooey paste, but can you make it through to the end of the game? (15%)

60+ shares: 

Four bosses down, just three to go! (16%)

70+ shares: 

Five bosses down, two more left.  (17%)

85+ shares:

Six down, you can taste that the sweet taste of total victory is near! (18%)

100+ shares:

YOU DID IT! WAY TO GO! We KNEW you would make it! (Well, actually, we’re quite astonished you made it this far, to be honest – but EVEN SO.) A full TWENTY PERCENT OFF has been well and truly earned!

150+ shares:

Wow! ALL SECRET BONUS LEVELS COMPLETED, TOO.  What will be your additional reward? Erm, well, come to the show and find out!


VIP Guest List Updated

We’ve updated the VIP Special Guest List.  You should take a look – it’s significantly larger than before, and we’ve added lots of new names.  We’re delighted to confirm Mike Battilana of Cloanto will be joining us.  We’ll also be joined by Allister Brimble, Bjørn “Dr. Awesome” Lynne, Mev Dinc of Vivid Image, Tim Wright and Mike Clarke of Psygnosis, and many more!


SPECIAL OFFER: FREE COPY of Amiga Forever Plus Edition!

We are DELIGHTED to announce – thanks to the generous support of Michael Battilana (Founder & CEO of Cloanto) – we are now able to offer a FREE COPY of Amiga Forever Plus Edition to ALL show attendees! No conditions, no catches!

This means that if you act FAST, you will not only get to enjoy a three-course VIP Banquet Dinner surrounded by Amiga legends, and get a copy of Amiga Forever Plus Edition free of charge, but you’ll save 20% off the regular show ticket price!

HURRY! This offer ends 23rd April 2015!