VIP Guests

You can’t have a VIP Charity Dinner event without VIPs! 

So it’s rather fortunate we’ll have several people joining us for the fun, whose names will be instantly familiar to many of you.  They all played a significant role in the Amiga story, from helping to design the machine, through to keeping it well-fed with blockbuster games, and everything in-between.

As well as hardware and software designers, we’ll have people representing the community, cultural and creative aspects of the Amiga story, as there is more to the Amiga story than just the games. The Amiga also had a very active demo scene, the largest freeway and shareware library of any computer platform on the planet, an armada of magazines including “disk magazines,” talented musicians, gifted artists, coders galore, user group networks….

We will try to assemble people representing as many of the Amiga cultural and creative aspects as possible, and to capture the important role of community in the platform’s success.

Special Guests include…

RJ ImageRJ Mical is a video games pioneer and living legend! He was one of the original architects of the Amiga, starting with Amiga Corporation in 1984, before going on to work for Commodore.  After his time with Commodore, he went on to become a key force behind the development the Atari Lynx, 3D0, PlayStation 3 and Vita, and many others.

DPsmallDavid Pleasance joined Commodore in 1983, and stayed with the company until the end.  He rose through the ranks, occupying a number of positions within the company worldwide, until his final post as a Managing Director of Commodore UK.  In 1994, David hatched an ambitious plan to buy out Commodore. He’ll be telling us all about that.

KellyKelly Sumner is another name that should be familiar to most.  He joined Commodore in 1979 and stayed until 1993, rising through the ranks to become Managing Director of Commodore UK.  He then departed for Gametek, where he became CEO; he would go on to lead Take 2 Interactive and RedOctane, developers of Grand Theft Auto and Guitar Hero.

KieronKieron Sumner, Commodore UK’s Commercial Manager, was responsible for professional systems – he developed the A1500.  Little-known is that Kieron was involved in his own management buyout attempt of Commodore! He hatched his plot after David’s effort met a brick wall.  He came very close to succeeding. He’ll be at the event to share his story.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 21.06.50

Michael Battilana is the Founder & CEO of Cloanto, developers of the popular application Personal Paint, producers of the Amiga Forever emulation suite, and copyright holder to all versions of the AmigaOS up to 3.1. Michael is generously giving away a free copy of Amiga Forever Plus Edition to all of our show’s attendees!

JonHareJon Hare, a very Sensible (Software) man, taught us that war can be “so much fun.” Cannon Fodder, Sensible Soccer & Golf, Wizball, Parallax, the list is too big for a tiny summary.  Jon is a huge Amiga fan of many years and jumped at the chance to be a special guest for our exciting event, which is just as well as we jumped at the chance to have him, too.

AllisterAllister Brimble is another name instantly familiar to most, as well it should be! A highly talented musician, his melodies have appeared in many titles. He’s the musical maestro behind many Team 17 games including Superfrog, Alien Breed, and Project X. Little-known fact: he composed the theme tune for an indoor theme park in Abu Dhabi!

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 21.19.36Bjørn Lynne, better known as Dr. Awesome to many, is a famous musician and composer whose ability lives up to his moniker; another former Team 17 guy, he produced about as many MODs as Fred put out Fish Disks.  If you listened to MODs and had ten favourites – odds are that at least one of them was by Bjørn, and you didn’t even realise it.

mevMevlut Dinç founded Vivid Image, a development firm that went on to produce Hammerfist, First Samurai, Second Samurai, and Street Racer (their most successful game.)  He was one of the few developers to write a title for the ill-fated Konix Multisystem, and he also helped to co-develop the C64GS, a console version of the popular Commodore 64.

timwrightTim Wright hails from Wales, where he is known as CoLD SToRAGE. A highly talented video game music composer, his tunes will be instantly familiar to people in the Amiga community and beyond; he worked for Psygnosis, where he wrote music for Lemmings, Shadow of the Beast 2 & 3 and many more. He went on to help found Jester Interactive.

mikeclarkeMike Clarke doesn’t hail from Wales, but he does share one important thing in common with Tim – he too, is a talented video game music composer who worked for Psygnosis! He wrote the tunes for many famous games, including Lemmings 2, Lemmings Paintball (yes, there really was a Lemmings Paintball!), WipEout 3/64, Microcosm, and more.


Mystery Guest No. 1 played a highly significant and noteworthy role bringing the Amiga community together in the UK, and represents an important aspect of the Amiga story, often overlooked these days, which we feel it’s very important to cover.  Who he is, and what he represents… we’ll tell you later!


Mystery Guest No. 2 is an ex-Commodorian.  He also worked under Amiga Technologies UK for a time.  He went on to found another computer manufacturing company, making a system closely associated to the Amiga.   We’ll take off his cardboard box one we’re sure it’s safe to unveil him to the world.  He’s not quite ready yet.

mysteryMystery Guest No. 3 is yet another ex-Commodorian (did we mention we wanted to reunite as many of the old Commodore UK people as possible? No? Well, we did. That’s why there are so many of them here.) Anyway, Mystery Guest No. 3 worked for Commodore UK and Amiga Technologies UK before moving to a well-known games software developer and being given a rather impressive sounding title.

mysteryMystery Guest No. 4: A representative (or three) from the UK Amiga demo scene will be joining us (we hope) to talk about, er, the demo scene, and the role it played in bringing together lots of people with unique skills to create impressive multimedia festivals, demo packs, music packs and all sorts of other fun, cool things for the rest of us to enjoy.


More to come, we’re sure…


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